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ZIP / Address:
Adams Street Bed & Breakfast 726 N. Adams Street, Carroll, IA
Bloomin' Iris Bed & Breakfast 2035 Bristol Dr., Iowa City, IA
Brown Street Inn 430 Brown Street, Iowa City, IA
Carriage House Bed & Breakfast 1133 Broad St., Grinnell, IA
Cupola Inn Bed and Breakfast 20664 Claybanks Dr., Nora Springs, IA
Dairy Barn Bed and Breakfast 1436 - 210th St., Ionia, IA
Deb's Bed & Breakfast 3 Elmwood Drive, Mapleton, IA
Designer Inn and Suites 403 Highway 30 West, Toledo, IA
Die Heimat Country Inn Bed and Breakfast 4434 V Street, Homestead, IA
Elaine's B&B 310 E. Market St., Lisbon, IA
Four Mounds Inn Bed and Breakfast 4900 Peru Road, Dubuque, IA
Glidden House Bed and Breakfast 2640 Donna Reed Road, Denison, IA
Guest House Bed and Breakfast 3970 50th St., Grinnell, IA
Heavenly Habitat Bed and Breakfast 218 S 2nd Avenue, Winterset, IA

Madison County Area

Heritage Lodge B&B 1938 G Avenue, Red Oak, IA 51566
Hotel Greenfield 110 E. Iowa St., Greenfield, IA
Hotel Pattee 1112 Willis Avenue, Perry, IA
Judge Lewis House B&B 1145 W. Summit St., Winterset, IA 50273

Madison County Area

Loya's Little House Bed & Breakfast 56676 160th Street, Ames IA
Maple Street B&B 218 N. Maple St., Lamoni, IA
Marsh House Bed and Breakfast 833 East St., Grinnell, IA
McNeill Stone Mansion Bed and Breakfast 1282 C Avenue E., Oskaloosa, IA
Miss Spenser's of Longview Farms 3220 Wyoming Street, New Virginia, IA

Indianola Area

Our Tara Inn 1231 Highway 9, Lansing, IA
Quiet Walker Lodge 18132 Paradise Valley Road, Durango, IA
Richards House Bed and Breakfast 1492 Locust Street, Dubuque, IA
Squiers Manor Bed and Breakfast 418 W. Pleasant, Maquoketa, IA
Squirrel's Nest Bed and Breakfast, LLC 500 North Street, Burlington, IA
The Gables on Geneseo 226 Geneseo Street, Storm Lake, IA
The Green Leaf Place Bed and Breakfast 425 N. Madison, Bloomfield, IA
The Ruby House B&B 316 S. John Wayne Dr., Winterset, IA

Madison County Area

The White House of Eldora 900 10th Street, Eldora, IA
Trimble Parker Guest House 23981 Otter Trail Drive, Bloomfield, IA
Valkommen House Bed and Breakfast 3219 370th St, Stratford, IA
Victoria's Vineyard Bed and Breakfast 5096 NE 62nd Avenue, Altoona, IA
Whiterock Conservancy Resort 1436 Highway 141, Coon Rapids, IA
Woodland Bed and Breakfast 3304 Main Street Rd., Marshalltown, IA
Yellow Swan Bed and Breakfast 400 Hatton Ave., Dallas Center, IA
'evans Gate B&B 5738 238th Trail, Albia, IA 52531